Tanker Truck Sampling

FDA and NCIMS Approve a Safer, More Accurate Method of Tank Sampling for Milk Tanker Trucks



Publication of FDA memo IMS-a-46, Actions of the 2007 National Conference on Interstate Milk Shippers, authorizes use of the QMI® Aseptic Sampling System for sampling milk tanker trucks.

The QMI method of sampling from the side or rear in a locked compartment on a milk tanker truck has several advantages. First, the QMI method allows for a more accurate and representative sample. The sample also is collected aseptically, meaning it reduces the chances of contamination of the milk by bacterial, chemical or environmental contaminants. Second, it helps with receiving bay efficiency by allowing samples to be taken before trucks enter the receiving bay. This benefit is a particular advantage to milk processors facing a continual issue of congestion and delay in milk unloading. Finally, it improves sampling safety by allowing samples to be taken from the ground, meaning drivers and milk plant employees no longer are required to make the dangerous climb to the top of the milk tanker truck to collect samples.

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