Quality Management Inc.

The simple, dependable system for the most accurate liquid sampling.

Don’t let contamination hurt your business. The QMI aseptic fluid access systems are easy to install, easy to use and easily the most reliable sampling technique available. QMI systems are in daily use in over 30 countries worldwide and is FDA approved in the United States.

Designed for process monitoring of microbial contamination and line and tank sampling for a wide variety of industries, including dairy, pharmaceutical, brewing, water filtration, wineries, juice and egg producers, QMI provides the cost-effective solution for quality assurance.

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QMI Global – World Leaders in Aseptic Sampling
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What our clients are saying:
"When using the QMI System, we found that it was quick and easy to use. Samples were collected while pumping which insures a better reading of all milk in a tank, not just a smaller portion. Mount Joy feels the QMI System could give better and more accurate results than conventional sampling methods do to the way the sample is collected."
- Gib Martin
Mount Joy Cooperative